This page details more information regarding the content on this website, relationships with supplement manufacturers, and how we write our reviews. We want this page to be as transparent as possible, and here we disclose information in an effort to be in accordance with the FTC’s “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising” (16 CFR, Part 255).

Free Products We Receive

In some cases, we receive the reviewed products for free if we’ll consider writing a review on them. However, we do not necessarily write reviews on every product we receive in this manner. The content of our reviews is our true opinion (and we do our best to attempt to lead you in the right direction as opposed to making statements about the absolute best supplement for everyone; there is no such thing, though we do have some we’ve found more effective than others). We have received the following products for free; all others we have purchased or requested as samples via mechanisms available to any consumer:

FLOW by Noots

FOCUS by Noots


Max Capacity by Dynamic Nutrition

Caveman Coffee



Affiliate Programs and Links

In some cases on our reviews you may find affiliate links. This means if you click the link and make a purchase, we receive a commission. This comes at no cost to the consumer (i.e. it does not increase the price for you). It means that the origin of the sale is tracked back to our website. We may also provide a coupon for a product that is used to track the source of a sale, for which we are then compensated.

Not all companies pay a commission, so in an effort to provide full transparency for those reading the reviews, below is the list of companies with whom we have a direct affiliate relationship (either through direct link or coupons we provide):






Natural Stacks

Four Sigmatic


We may also may link to general e-commerce sites where we receive an affiliate commission, though we have no direct relationship with the company that manufactures the product (eg we link to the particular product via Amazon.com and receive a commission, though this is purely a relationship with Amazon, and not a relationship with that supplement company).  These other, general ecommerce sites include:


Sponsored Content

We do not allow sponsored content on our website.  All the content comes from us and we do not allow any outside party to provide content on our website.

Our Philosophy

We created this website with a few goals. First, most consumers get very confused when trying to decide on nootropics to try. These supplements will likely affect different people in different ways, and we enjoy trying new ones out to see if they impact or productivity, energy, and focus. We also enjoy writing about supplements and comparing how they make us feel.

With that in mind, we just wanted to provide information that attempts to simplify the process for you. We try to break down the key aspects of nootropics supplements and the situations in which we find them most useful. Opinions are our own and should be treated as opinions, not final verdicts. Scores, rankings, comparisons, etc. are subjective and reflect personal opinions and may reflect personal biases. Finding the right supplement for you depends on a variety of factors including health, age, and diet. We suggest you use the information on this site as a starting point, not a summation of all information available.

Lastly, we are not doctors. We make every attempt possible to make this clear on the website through disclaimers on this page and on every post we write. Please talk with your doctor before trying any supplement mentioned on this website. We are not liable for you hurting yourself if you try a supplement mentioned here.